• Breakthrough

    Simon and Kate, co-workers for a stock broker company are faced with an explosion at the office. Seriously hurt, they both try to find a way to survive without any help on the way.

  • Silent Retreat

    A Film Monkey Production presents a Feature Horror Film titled Silent Retreat. Produced by Tricia Lee, Chris Agoston & Line Produced/PM by Willowood Films Chris Luckhardt, this feature horror film was filmed in Aurora, Ontario and is currently in distribution via DVD and VOD through Black Fawn Distribution.

  • What Have We Done

    Saidat Presents, in association with Production Companies Willowood Films and Every Angle Inc., this short film “What Have We Done”, produced by Chris Luckhardt and Julie Angle. This silent short film explores the bullying and torment that occurs in high school which leads to students giving up on life. A music video will also be created to the music sung by Saidat.

  • The Last Mermaids

    Production Company Willowood Films presents this short film The Last Mermaids produced by Chris Luckhardt and Nika Belianina, funded by the Ontario Arts Council Grant. This short film explores the abstract world of children mermaids seen only for the last time before the transition into another.