Love Is Filming Complete

Willowood Films successfully wrapped production on filming of What is Love? which took place over the past couple days. Filming went smoothly in the two day multiple location film shoot in the west end and downtown Toronto. This marks the first time since Team Epic, that producer Chris Luckhardt and the talented actress Kristin Wallace have worked together on a production.  Kristin Wallace who is currently living in Los Angeles, successfully acting on several productions, returned to Toronto to film this short film.

Director Ron Leach worked with producer/writer Chris Luckhardt and DoP Ryan Knight to bring together this short film that was written over 4 years ago.  Special thanks goes to Chris Abell, of Dark Phoenix Pictures Inc. for providing the Red One Camera for the film shoot.  The filming was done on 5 different formats to reflect the different memories explored in the story.   The formats included Red One Digital, Super 16mm, iPhone video, Canon DSLR 7D and Nikon D90.

The Red One Camera footage turned out really well and has been sent off to the editor to be processed and cut together. Below are a couple photos from the footage.

Special thanks goes to Jessica Gibson for providing her lovely dog Chester to be filmed on set as the main character, Sara’s dog Charlie.  See photo of him below.

Chris would like to also thank all the crew and cast for volunteering their time and energy to bring together this nice little short film.

What is Love?What is Love Dog Chester

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