• Siren

    Production Company Willowood Films presents Short Film Siren. Produced by Chris Luckhardt along with Lyvia Cohen, this short film follows two paramedics on their daily routines having to deal with the unpredictable nature of patients and the world that we live in now.

  • Tru Love

    A TomGirl Films presents a romantic drama film titled Tru Love. Produced by Shauna MacDonald, Kate Johnston, Matthew Gorman & Willowood Films Chris Luckhardt, this award winning feature film has screened at 40 film festivals worldwide and is scheduled to be released on DVD/Blu Ray & VOD in November 2014 in Canada by Indiecan and worldwide by Wolfe Distribution.

  • Bela

    In this bittersweet dramedy, an office costume party provides introverted Bill with a chance to reveal his true self – expressed through his painstakingly recreated Bela Lugosi Dracula costume. But will the real Bill find acceptance – or even love?

  • Love Is

    Production Company Willowood Films presents short film titled “Love Is”. Produced by Chris Luckhardt, this short film about a girl in her mid-twenties who reflects on her love life of ex-boyfriends and ponders if she will ever find love, is currently completed and being submitted to film festivals.